To Mary From Ernie with Love – Happy Mother’s Day 2020

Wags on willow owners

I love Mother’s Day - especially during the quarantine when I have Mary all to myself!
It’s the day when I can make Mary, my mom and business partner at our grooming salon Wags on Willow, feel really special.
There are so many ways I could do that if only I wasn’t a short Pug.
If I could reach the stove I’d make her breakfast.
If I could carry a tray I’d bring breakfast to her in bed.
If she gave me the keys to the car I’d take her to pick up a carry-out brunch and let her sit on my lap on the way.
I’d bring her some treats if only I could reach the cupboard where she keeps my rawhide and biscuit goodies..
Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to behave myself, stay off the furniture, not bark at passing dogs and not pull on my leash.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!