Things Cats Want to Know

Wags on Willow, the award winning pet salon isn’t just about dogs even if it is co-owned by me, Ernie the Pug. I like cats too. One of my colleagues is Lewis the cat. You may have seen him sitting in the grooming room supervising our groomers.

In honor of Lewis and National Answer your Cat’s Question Day (Jan. 22) I asked him for some of the questions cats are always talking about. Here is his list of the top 10:

  • Where do they hide the catnip?
  • Why do they leave the door open when they are in the bathroom but hide my “cat litter box” in a closet?
  • Why can’t they sleep without rolling over on me?
  • Why are they scared of mice I bring in to play with?
  • Why aren’t they always here at MY dinner time? We have schedules too you know.
  • I’m so cute, why do they bother watching cat videos on their phones?
  • Why don’t the humans I live with purr?
  • What can’t the squirrels outside the window come in the house?
  • Why can’t I walk across the dinning room table when they are having a dinner party?
  • Why can’t I have a live bird as a cat pet?