The Quarantine Life of Ernie

Mary and her client Bogey
Mary and her client Bogey!

A happy Ernie the Wags on Willow pug here! It is so great to see my old buddies, like Bogey pictured above, coming back into the shop for their grooms though, to be honest, some of them do look a bit ragged. And now Mary is back at the shop after being home for so long. These past weeks, I had Mary, my business partner, all to myself. She was there for me in the morning, in the afternoon, at night. She hardly ever left the house except to take me for walks. And she wore her Wags on Willow bandana over her face when it is usually around my neck. That was confusing. There were always treats for me though most of them were up on the counter where I couldn’t reach them.  Now Mary’s back at work, doing what she likes best sending handsome dogs and cats home with their owners. She is so happy. But I must confess, I miss having her all to myself.

Stay well everyone!