Happy Dogs in Politics Day

Did you know Saturday September 23 is National Dogs in Politics Day?
Now I’m not a political Pug.  I don’t care if you lift your right let or your left leg.  But I do like days that celebrate dogs.
My business partner Mary celebrates by giving me a treat from the Wags on Willow gourmet Chew Bar.  (Hope you read this Mary.)
Dogs in politics day was started in honor of former President Nixon’s dog Checkers. He got it as a present when he was Vice President.
Did you know that virtually every president had a dog beginning with George Washington? They had other pets too, weird ones. Thomas Jefferson had two bear cubs. John Quincy Adams had an alligator.  Who knew? Theodore Roosevelt had a garter snake he called Emily Spinach. There were hamsters in the White House when John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson lived there.  Both Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter had Siamese cats. 
With all those animals giving presidents advice, you’d think they’d pay more attention to us. Well, maybe not to advice from reptiles or hamsters.