Ernie Outside
Happy GroundHound Day 2019! Will Ernie see his Shadow?
It‘s the day Wags on Willow’s co-owner Ernie the pug—we call him Wagsytawney Ernie—comes out of his dog house precisely at 6:25 a.m. central time to look for his shadow.
If he sees his shadow it means we’ll have six more weeks of Winter. Time to think about protecting paws from salt and ice-melting chemicals and to book baths to wash out all that icky stuff that collects when rolling in the snow and mud.
If he doesn’t see his shadow it means Spring will be here before you can say bow-wow. Those Spring grooms are just around the corner.
Whether he sees his shadow or not on Groundhound day, Ernie predicts there will be a Super Bowl on Sunday. 
That Ernie really can see the future.