Sorry, no free grooms for elephants or donkeys!

This little Pug had a puglitical idea for the November

election: Wags on Willow would offer a free groom to

every elephant and donkey living in our hometown, the

Village of Northfield providing, of course, they had proof

of residence. Doing my dog-diligence I called the local

police. “I’m sure if we had any elephants living in

Northfield I’d know it,” said the police dispatcher. “But

donkeys are like horses and we have some horses.” “Do

you have any donkeys?” “We consider donkeys and

horses the same.” Next I called Northfield Village Hall.

“I’ve never had a question like that. We don’t have

licenses for donkeys and I know we don’t have any

elephants,” the nice lady said. So with no elephants and

maybe some donkeys we could just offer to groom

donkeys. “NO WAY,” said our team of professional

groomers. “We specialize in dogs and cats. That’s what

we are famous for, that’s why we win so many awards.

But we don’t do donkeys!” So much for my puglitical idea.

Whether you like elephants or donkeys, remember to vote

November 6. And maybe in 2020 there will be a canine

political party to compete with elephants and donkeys.

Then we can groom their mascot—a Pug of course


Exciting news from Wags on Willow!

Wags on Willow has done it again named as the Best Grooming Salon on the North Shore for the fourth consecutive year by readers of the popular magazine and website.
And the yelp website has just given us the 2017 “People Love us on Yelp” award.
This Pug is jumping for joy. If I could  jump higher I’d high-five my business partner Mary and our fantastic team of pet owning and pet loving groomers. They are the best! 
That makes seven awards since 2014 including two from readers of the 22nd Century group of community newspapers on the North Shore. 
There is a reason why Wags on Willow just keeps winning: We are really, really good and dogs and cats love us.
Celebrate with us. Look for our ad in the current issue of, cut it out and bring it for bargains on grooming, pet food and treats.  
Oh, and don’t forget me Ernie the Wags On Willow Pug.  I love treats.

I love my Human Mom!

Mother’s Day is around the corner and for the record I want you to know that I love my Human Mom! Sure she sometimes smells of other dogs but that’s the business she runs – a dog grooming salon. I’m not a jealous pug. And she lets me come to work with her most days even when it is not “take your dog to work day.” What fun!

And sometimes she gives me a sample from the gourmet chew bar in the boutique part of the store. Maybe when she reads this I’ll get an extra treat. If a goodie or food accidentally falls on the floor, she lets me eat it – unless it is chocolate. Did I mention that I love my Human Mom?

And she is patient with me on walks while I take my time sniffing around. A dog can never sniff enough. And I get to tryout all of the new grooming products she offers. The Blueberry Facial is my favorite.

But most of all I love my Human Mom.

Thank you Mary for bringing me into your home and letting me be your partner at Wags on Willow.

Ernie’s Tips

If I wore a hat like the one on our logo mascot (who ever he is) I would tip it to all of our professional groomers and technicians.

Even without a hat to tip, I know a little about tipping.

Mary, for example tips the groomer at her hair salon.

And she gives a little extra to her manicurist.

On those rare occasions Joe gets his hair cut, he tips the barber.

And Mary always tips the waiter and the bartender when she leaves me home to eat alone.

Many of us tip our paper delivery person and some even remember the mailman at the holidays.

One of our groomers even tipped her canoe.

It is always up to the client but if you like the service you received, if your dog or cat is happy and refreshed after a day at the salon, this little pug boldly suggests you leave a little something to express your appreciation to the groomers and technicians.

I know they will appreciate it and probably will give me a treat for mentioning it.