Our COVID-19 Response & Update

We at Wags on Willow have not been totally idle during these extraordinary times.  We have been doing some “self-grooming”.  While you shelter-in-place, our staff, one by one or two by two, have been in the shop, keeping social distance but deep cleaning all areas of the store and grooming area. Additionally we’ve added a fresh coat of paint! As soon as Governor Pritzker clears us to re-open, we look forward to showing you the updates. “It was a way to prepare for when we can again serve you and the work provided employment—and income—for our staff of talented groomers during these difficult times,” said proprietor Mary Bowler. Be well and enjoy walks with your dog.

New Way to Support Wags! Consider ordering pet food or treats for curbside pickup. Click here to see our full list of options or email info@wagsonwillow.com for details.