I love my Human Mom!

Mother’s Day is around the corner and for the record I want you to know that I love my Human Mom! Sure she sometimes smells of other dogs but that’s the business she runs – a dog grooming salon. I’m not a jealous pug. And she lets me come to work with her most days even when it is not “take your dog to work day.” What fun!

And sometimes she gives me a sample from the gourmet chew bar in the boutique part of the store. Maybe when she reads this I’ll get an extra treat. If a goodie or food accidentally falls on the floor, she lets me eat it – unless it is chocolate. Did I mention that I love my Human Mom?

And she is patient with me on walks while I take my time sniffing around. A dog can never sniff enough. And I get to tryout all of the new grooming products she offers. The Blueberry Facial is my favorite.

But most of all I love my Human Mom.

Thank you Mary for bringing me into your home and letting me be your partner at Wags on Willow.