Interested in the Positive Benefits of Therapy Dogs?

Join us on Sunday, April 22nd from noon–3PM and meet local therapy dog owner, handler and trainer, Margot Igoe.

“Therapy dogs change lives,” says Margot Igoe, whose own therapy dogs have comforted hospital patients, helped kids improve their reading skills, and brought friendship to senior living and to memory assistance facilities on the North Shore.

Igoe, a veteran North Shore therapy dog owner, handler and trainer will be available to answer your questions about these special canine skills at Northfield’s Wags On Willowgrooming salon Sunday, April 22 from 2pm to 4pm as part of Wags continuing series of exclusive pet related community events.

Dog owners and those thinking of adding a therapy dog to their family are invited but to avoid crowding and possible socialization issues, dogs should remain at home. “Hearing about all they can do might inflate their egos,” said Mary Bower owner of Wags On Willow.

“It is amazing how willing people are to relate to therapy dogs and a joy to see the smiles they bring to both seniors and children,” says Igoe who works with her dog Teagan.

Working therapy dogs are credited with lowering blood pressure, triggering the release of calming endorphins, helping with pain management, lifting spirits by reducing anxiety and boredom, helping children to focus and gain self confidence.

Their use is on the rise in hospitals, schools and a variety of different living environments and are increasingly found working with victims and survivors in post disaster situations.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!