Happy National Check Your Chip Day!

This is my friend enjoying his ‘chips’.

When my business partner at Wags on Willow told me I was going to “get a chip” I thought “Oh Boy, another treat from Mary.”

“But why are we going to the veterinarian to get a treat?” I asked my canine self.

“You’ll like this chip,” Mary said. “Because with it you will never be lost.”

That sounded great because if I got lost or dognapped who would give me treats? And I would be so sad if I was ever separated from Mary. I’d worry who would help her run the business.

And that is a good reason to celebrate National Check the Chip Day on August 15—or any day. Microchips are security for dogs. They are like invisible electronic leashes that keep us attached to our owners.

Right after treats I love technology.

If you are not certain your pet has one of these identity tags implanted ask your veterinarian to check. He can also tell you if the records are up-to-date.

Veterinarians, pet shelters, some dog pounds automatically look for the chip and the information it yields when they meet a new furry four-ped.

And if you love your dog and haven’t yet had your favorite pet chipped, ask your veterinarian.