As the Wags on Willow weather forecaster and co- owner of our prize winning grooming salon I predict there is more snow, cold, mud and mess in your dog’s future.

How does this little Pug know?  I remember last winter.  So here are some suggestions from a dog who has seen it all.

Your dog walks barepawed in the snow, slush and salt while you wear comfy shoes and warm boots. The salt burns our little foot pads. The ice and snow sticks in our toes and our feet get really cold. The Wags solution: dog booties called—naturally—Pawz They’ll protect your cuddly companion on winter walks.

We also have Mushers Secret, a nontoxic way that protects paws in the winter.  I sometimes dream I’m the first Pug to pull a sled in the Iditarod with wax on my paws. And Mary is running behind yelling “mush, mush you Pug.”

Then I wake up.

Oh, and when the snow melts and the walk is slushy, muddy and icky, your dog will need a bath. Wags On Willow specializes in baths.  We even have an exclusive walk-in tub for senior and physically challenged dogs. I thawed I would mention that.

Oh and one more thing, look out for puddles of poisonous antifreeze on driveways and along the curbs. We want to keep our customers safe and healthy.