Ernie’s Tips

If I wore a hat like the one on our logo mascot (who ever he is) I would tip it to all of our professional groomers and technicians.

Even without a hat to tip, I know a little about tipping.

Mary, for example tips the groomer at her hair salon.

And she gives a little extra to her manicurist.

On those rare occasions Joe gets his hair cut, he tips the barber.

And Mary always tips the waiter and the bartender when she leaves me home to eat alone.

Many of us tip our paper delivery person and some even remember the mailman at the holidays.

One of our groomers even tipped her canoe.

It is always up to the client but if you like the service you received, if your dog or cat is happy and refreshed after a day at the salon, this little pug boldly suggests you leave a little something to express your appreciation to the groomers and technicians.

I know they will appreciate it and probably will give me a treat for mentioning it.