Our COVID-19 Response & Update

We at Wags on Willow have not been totally idle during these extraordinary times.  We have been doing some “self-grooming”.  While you shelter-in-place, our staff, one by one or two by two, have been in the shop, keeping social distance but deep cleaning all areas of the store and grooming area. Additionally we’ve added a fresh coat of paint! As soon as Governor Pritzker clears us to re-open, we look forward to showing you the updates. “It was a way to prepare for when we can again serve you and the work provided employment—and income—for our staff of talented groomers during these difficult times,” said proprietor Mary Bowler. Be well and enjoy walks with your dog.

New Way to Support Wags! Consider ordering pet food or treats for curbside pickup. Click here to see our full list of options or email info@wagsonwillow.com for details.

New Coronavirus Announcement

Dear Valued Clients,

Today we made the difficult decision to close our store effective end of the day this Saturday, March 21st. We hope to re-open on Friday, May 1st but as we all know this is a very fluid situation and we will notify you if things change.

We feel that this is in the best interest of our staff, our clients, and our families during this time and as mandated by Governor Pritzker's order.

During the coming days, we urge you to stay healthy by following the CDC guidelines to STAY HOME and PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING.

Try to get rest, take your pets for walks everyday, choose healthy foods and drink lots of water.

Should you wish to support our small business during our shutdown, we will be accepting orders on all of our food and treat products (while supplies last) and we will have curb-side, no-contact, pick-up options Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 10AM - noon.

Simply email mary@wagsonwillow.com to place your food order. If you have questions on what to order, you can request a personal call-back.

As we all navigate this unusual and uncertain time, we wish you good health and urge you to shop your local, small businesses when you can.

We will be counting the days until we can be back to doing what we love most. Be Safe!


Mary, Ernie & the team at Wags on Willow


This post was updated on April 2nd, 2020.

End of Summer Doggie Pool Party!

Join us on October 20th from Noon - 2 PM for the 6th Annual Dog Days of Fall!

Bring your pup for an end of season swim at Five Seasons Family Sports Club located at 1300 Techny Rd • Northbrook.

Enjoy complimentary hot dogs & hot chocolate!

Suggested donation of $5.00 ~ proceeds will be donated to Heartland Animal Shelter.

Please note: this event is weather permitting.

See you then!!

Wags is Helping Cats & Dogs in Need

Putting charity over profits Wags on Willow is collecting supplies for orphaned dogs and cats at the annual Northfield-Winnetka Chamber of Commerce sidewalk sale on July 17 and 18, 2019. See the complete list of items being collected at this location below.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Groomer Joanna is having . . .


IT'S A BOY! To celebrate we are offering $2 Blueberry Facials as an upgrade to any regularly scheduled groom or bath through the month of February, 2019. Make sure to reference this promotion for the special pricing.


Ernie Outside
Happy GroundHound Day 2019! Will Ernie see his Shadow?
It‘s the day Wags on Willow’s co-owner Ernie the pug—we call him Wagsytawney Ernie—comes out of his dog house precisely at 6:25 a.m. central time to look for his shadow.
If he sees his shadow it means we’ll have six more weeks of Winter. Time to think about protecting paws from salt and ice-melting chemicals and to book baths to wash out all that icky stuff that collects when rolling in the snow and mud.
If he doesn’t see his shadow it means Spring will be here before you can say bow-wow. Those Spring grooms are just around the corner.
Whether he sees his shadow or not on Groundhound day, Ernie predicts there will be a Super Bowl on Sunday. 
That Ernie really can see the future.

Ready to Lighten Up?

Introducing hands free knit hats!

Ernie the Pug here. I may be the light of my Wags on Willow business partner Mary’s life, but she is lighting the way for me on these dark morning and evening walks. Mary is wearing a nifty Wags hat with a built-in light so other dog walkers and drivers can see her in the dark and so she can see where I make my necessary stops and stoops. The light also makes it easy for her, and for you, to see hazards like sidewalk cracks and debris. Wags on Willow currently has a limited supply of these special dog walker hats. So take it from Ernie, it is time to lighten up!

Sorry, no free grooms for elephants or donkeys!

This little Pug had a puglitical idea for the November

election: Wags on Willow would offer a free groom to

every elephant and donkey living in our hometown, the

Village of Northfield providing, of course, they had proof

of residence. Doing my dog-diligence I called the local

police. “I’m sure if we had any elephants living in

Northfield I’d know it,” said the police dispatcher. “But

donkeys are like horses and we have some horses.” “Do

you have any donkeys?” “We consider donkeys and

horses the same.” Next I called Northfield Village Hall.

“I’ve never had a question like that. We don’t have

licenses for donkeys and I know we don’t have any

elephants,” the nice lady said. So with no elephants and

maybe some donkeys we could just offer to groom

donkeys. “NO WAY,” said our team of professional

groomers. “We specialize in dogs and cats. That’s what

we are famous for, that’s why we win so many awards.

But we don’t do donkeys!” So much for my puglitical idea.

Whether you like elephants or donkeys, remember to vote

November 6. And maybe in 2020 there will be a canine

political party to compete with elephants and donkeys.

Then we can groom their mascot—a Pug of course

Happy 3rd Birthday Ernie!!

It’s ERNIE’S Birthday Pawty Time at Wags on Willow—Visit my award-winning grooming salon and help celebrate my 21st birthday (or 3rd in people years) and get a 21% off any item on the chew bar through Sept 2nd! Plus check out the fun, new birthday treats & toys that you may want for your upcoming birthday.
It‘s a big day for this little Pug (are there big Pugs?) and for my business partner Mary. Now I can get a drink, vote and if Mary will let me, even get my drivers license—if they count dog years.

Ask Me Why We Keep Winning


Wags on willow has done it again! We’ve been named the Best Grooming Salon on the North Shore for the FIFTH consecutive year by readers of the popular Make It Better magazine and website. And the yelp website gave us the 2017 “People Love us on Yelp” award.

This Pug is jumping for joy. If I could jump higher I’d high-five my business partner Mary and our fantastic team of pet owning and pet loving groomers. They are the best!

They are why we keep winning and winning and winningnine awards since 2014 including three from readers of the 22nd Century group of community newspapers on the North Shore. Look for our ad in the current issue of Make It Better magazine, cut it out and bring it in for special celebratory offers.