Ready to Lighten Up?

Introducing hands free knit hats!

Ernie the Pug here. I may be the light of my Wags on Willow business partner Mary’s life, but she is lighting the way for me on these dark morning and evening walks. Mary is wearing a nifty Wags hat with a built-in light so other dog walkers and drivers can see her in the dark and so she can see where I make my necessary stops and stoops. The light also makes it easy for her, and for you, to see hazards like sidewalk cracks and debris. Wags on Willow currently has a limited supply of these special dog walker hats. So take it from Ernie, it is time to lighten up!

Sorry, no free grooms for elephants or donkeys!

This little Pug had a puglitical idea for the November

election: Wags on Willow would offer a free groom to

every elephant and donkey living in our hometown, the

Village of Northfield providing, of course, they had proof

of residence. Doing my dog-diligence I called the local

police. “I’m sure if we had any elephants living in

Northfield I’d know it,” said the police dispatcher. “But

donkeys are like horses and we have some horses.” “Do

you have any donkeys?” “We consider donkeys and

horses the same.” Next I called Northfield Village Hall.

“I’ve never had a question like that. We don’t have

licenses for donkeys and I know we don’t have any

elephants,” the nice lady said. So with no elephants and

maybe some donkeys we could just offer to groom

donkeys. “NO WAY,” said our team of professional

groomers. “We specialize in dogs and cats. That’s what

we are famous for, that’s why we win so many awards.

But we don’t do donkeys!” So much for my puglitical idea.

Whether you like elephants or donkeys, remember to vote

November 6. And maybe in 2020 there will be a canine

political party to compete with elephants and donkeys.

Then we can groom their mascot—a Pug of course

Happy 3rd Birthday Ernie!!

It’s ERNIE’S Birthday Pawty Time at Wags on Willow—Visit my award-winning grooming salon and help celebrate my 21st birthday (or 3rd in people years) and get a 21% off any item on the chew bar through Sept 2nd! Plus check out the fun, new birthday treats & toys that you may want for your upcoming birthday.
It‘s a big day for this little Pug (are there big Pugs?) and for my business partner Mary. Now I can get a drink, vote and if Mary will let me, even get my drivers license—if they count dog years.

Ask Me Why We Keep Winning


Wags on willow has done it again! We’ve been named the Best Grooming Salon on the North Shore for the FIFTH consecutive year by readers of the popular Make It Better magazine and website. And the yelp website gave us the 2017 “People Love us on Yelp” award.

This Pug is jumping for joy. If I could jump higher I’d high-five my business partner Mary and our fantastic team of pet owning and pet loving groomers. They are the best!

They are why we keep winning and winning and winningnine awards since 2014 including three from readers of the 22nd Century group of community newspapers on the North Shore. Look for our ad in the current issue of Make It Better magazine, cut it out and bring it in for special celebratory offers.

Interested in the Positive Benefits of Therapy Dogs?

Join us on Sunday, April 22nd from noon–3PM and meet local therapy dog owner, handler and trainer, Margot Igoe.

“Therapy dogs change lives,” says Margot Igoe, whose own therapy dogs have comforted hospital patients, helped kids improve their reading skills, and brought friendship to senior living and to memory assistance facilities on the North Shore.

Igoe, a veteran North Shore therapy dog owner, handler and trainer will be available to answer your questions about these special canine skills at Northfield’s Wags On Willowgrooming salon Sunday, April 22 from 2pm to 4pm as part of Wags continuing series of exclusive pet related community events.

Dog owners and those thinking of adding a therapy dog to their family are invited but to avoid crowding and possible socialization issues, dogs should remain at home. “Hearing about all they can do might inflate their egos,” said Mary Bower owner of Wags On Willow.

“It is amazing how willing people are to relate to therapy dogs and a joy to see the smiles they bring to both seniors and children,” says Igoe who works with her dog Teagan.

Working therapy dogs are credited with lowering blood pressure, triggering the release of calming endorphins, helping with pain management, lifting spirits by reducing anxiety and boredom, helping children to focus and gain self confidence.

Their use is on the rise in hospitals, schools and a variety of different living environments and are increasingly found working with victims and survivors in post disaster situations.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Do You Love Golden Retrievers?

Every quarter, Wags on Willow partners with As Good As Gold to offer one-on-one opportunities to explore adopting, fostering and working with Goldens. As Good As Gold is an organization dedicated to the rescue, care and adoption of abandoned or unwanted Golden Retrievers. Call Wags on Willow at 847-272-2918 to find out the deTAILS for the next in-store event of this kind.

2018 Schedule

The following Sundays from Noon – 3 pm

  • February 25th
  • May 27th
  • August 26th
  • November 25th

Happy Year of the Dog!

Gong Hey Fat Choi or Happy Chinese New Year from Ernie, the Wags on Willow Pug. This is the Year of The Dog on the Chinese Calendar and I am a dog whose ancestry goes way way way back to about 550BC in ancient China.  I know because I sent my doggie DNA to PugAncestry.bark. Apparently my great, great, great, great, great ancestors were a Pekingese and a Lion Dog. There’s no record how they met. But Chinese emperors really liked the result which makes the Year of the Dog very special, Many Chinese believe a dog is a friend who understands his human companion’s spirit and if one happens to come to your house it’s a signal that fortune is in your future. So Mary, my business partner, think of me as a good luck charm—even when you catch me on the sofa.

In celebration of the Year of the Dog, we’ll be holding raffles for our clients throughout the entire year. Follow us to see the winners! 

It’s Valentime Here at Wags on Willow


It is Valentime at Wags on Willow.   Mary is my Valentine and I am hers.  It is still puppy love even though I’m 14 and will be 21 by year’s end. Puppy love lasts for ever.  So does kitty love.  If there is a dog or cat in your home this holiday, please keep the Valentine chocolate far from the pets.  Candy is dandy except for furry companions who will get sick or worse if they ingest chocolate.  Instead think about treating your family pet to a winter dry skin oatmeal bath at my award winning grooming salon. They will be refreshed and smell so fresh and sweet.  Or Buy One Valentine’s Pet Treat, Get Another One (of equal or lesser value) for free! While supplies last.

We’d love to see you.




As the Wags on Willow weather forecaster and co- owner of our prize winning grooming salon I predict there is more snow, cold, mud and mess in your dog’s future.

How does this little Pug know?  I remember last winter.  So here are some suggestions from a dog who has seen it all.

Your dog walks barepawed in the snow, slush and salt while you wear comfy shoes and warm boots. The salt burns our little foot pads. The ice and snow sticks in our toes and our feet get really cold. The Wags solution: dog booties called—naturally—Pawz They’ll protect your cuddly companion on winter walks.

We also have Mushers Secret, a nontoxic way that protects paws in the winter.  I sometimes dream I’m the first Pug to pull a sled in the Iditarod with wax on my paws. And Mary is running behind yelling “mush, mush you Pug.”

Then I wake up.

Oh, and when the snow melts and the walk is slushy, muddy and icky, your dog will need a bath. Wags On Willow specializes in baths.  We even have an exclusive walk-in tub for senior and physically challenged dogs. I thawed I would mention that.

Oh and one more thing, look out for puddles of poisonous antifreeze on driveways and along the curbs. We want to keep our customers safe and healthy.

Things Cats Want to Know

Wags on Willow, the award winning pet salon isn’t just about dogs even if it is co-owned by me, Ernie the Pug. I like cats too. One of my colleagues is Lewis the cat. You may have seen him sitting in the grooming room supervising our groomers.

In honor of Lewis and National Answer your Cat’s Question Day (Jan. 22) I asked him for some of the questions cats are always talking about. Here is his list of the top 10:

  • Where do they hide the catnip?
  • Why do they leave the door open when they are in the bathroom but hide my “cat litter box” in a closet?
  • Why can’t they sleep without rolling over on me?
  • Why are they scared of mice I bring in to play with?
  • Why aren’t they always here at MY dinner time? We have schedules too you know.
  • I’m so cute, why do they bother watching cat videos on their phones?
  • Why don’t the humans I live with purr?
  • What can’t the squirrels outside the window come in the house?
  • Why can’t I walk across the dinning room table when they are having a dinner party?
  • Why can’t I have a live bird as a cat pet?