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Wags on Willow is the Best in Show offering a unique spa experience for that special member of your family whether it has paws or it purrs. Our stylists are tops in their field, our boutique features gourmet quality foods and our pet supplies are the finest available. We strive to send you home with a healthy, happy, and well-groomed companion. Founded by Mary Bowler and her beloved pug, Sushi ten years ago, Wags mission is to deliver a premier pet salon experience focusing on quality customer service and personalized attention.

We also realize that, like ourselves, every animal needs a day at the spa. Bring your furry friend in for a day of pampering and allow them a little taste of luxury at The Wash at Wags on Willow.

Meet the Owner

Mary Bowler

Founder & CEO

WAGS on Willow’s top dog, Mary Bowler yearned for a canine friend as a child but had to settle for making friends with neighborhood dogs. All of them: Big ones, little ones, furry ones and some with short hair. But when she grew up she quickly brought Sushi, a lovable pug, into her life.  Together, Mary and Sushi co-founded Wags almost ten years ago. Sushi loved being the salon’s star, entertaining visiting children, their parents and of course the pets they brought in to be groomed. Sometimes it was a visit with Sushi that moms used to encourage reluctant children to join them shopping. Sushi went to the big kennel in the sky after more than 15 years. The newest addition to the Wags-Bowler family is Ernie, a lovable literate 8-year-old pup who already has his own Facebook page and Instagram account and keeps his dog ears alert to happenings around the shop and in the canine world.  Ernie periodically blogs about things important to dogs and important to salon clients. And like Sushi, he is Mary’s business partner.

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